Session Information

 Session Information

What to Expect

I make sure that you know exactly what to expect from me at your photo session. Once your date is confirmed, I will email you my information pack that includes tips on what to wear and how to get the best out of the session.


We will have a phone consultation the week prior to your session to agree on the perfect location for your shoot so I can find out all about your family. My aim is to record those connections between you and your family that make your family bond so special. These all fit together and help me capture your style, your personalities and your family story. Every family is different so every session is specifically planned around you and your family, whether that be capturing your blooming bump, little ones, bigger ones, or extended family birthday gatherings.

The Shoot

The photography session is all about fun! Most tend to last for about 1 to 2 hours, at a time of day that best suits your family. I work on location using natural light. I absolutely love the English countryside; we live in a beautiful part of the world so combining people and nature makes for a far more interesting composition than a plain white backdrop. It’s nice to use somewhere special to you – perhaps a park, play area, your garden or local woods. Or alternatively I am happy to suggest a suitable location depending on the time of year. Perhaps we can play around in the daffodils in March, walk amongst the bluebells in May, pick blackberries at the end of August or kick up the autumn leaves and climb trees in October! It’s all about capturing your family having fun and doing what you enjoy together as a family.


I try not to direct or pose you too much. My style is natural and contemporary, capturing you through play and allowing you to be yourself. I find that the best shot isn’t when I ask a child to sit still on a park bench and smile at me, it’s usually a few minutes later when they are giggling at Daddy pulling a silly face!

Post Shoot

After the shoot you can give yourselves a pat on the back and a well deserved cup of tea as I head back to the computer to review your images. I then select the very best portraits to edit and retouch where necessary. I then produce a stunning collection of approximately 50 portraits to view at my studio.  At the ordering session I am on hand to guide you through how you might like to display your portraits in your home.


For more information on pricing, please refer to the pricing page or, alternatively contact me direct.